From Leet Security, we offer a rating service (Understanding security ratings) for ICT services considering risk issues that can arise from this type of outrsourcing in external providers.

Rating system provides advantages and benefits for, both users of rated services as well as for their providers:

  • If your organization is using services outsourced in external providers, rating provides you with an effective and efficient tool (reducing the internal cost of due diligence and control processes) to know the security mechanisms implemented by your provider in the service you are using, to know if your provider comply with security policies, and, finally, to compare between different services.
  • If your organization is providing this kind of services, rating is the best way to differentiate from your competence in an efficient way, maximizing your security investments and your external audit efforts, as well as, provides you with an offer segregation mechanism to fit in a better way your clients needs.

If you need more information o are interested in some aspects of rating, please do not hesitate to contact us.