Efficient compliance with GDPR

As General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in Europe, organizations face the challenge of applying accountability principle in the protection of personally identifiable information at the same time that they achieve their business goals.

This accountability principle means that organizations has to show a due dilligence in the personally identifiable information management which implies, among other things, to implement and adequate security level by design depending on the risk level.

The Regulation establishes some obligations that are not trivial to comply with. This is because requeriments are not defined, but depends on the criteria of the data responsible and data processor.

Using LEET Security methodology and rating provides an efficient way to show that due diligence in personal identifiable information protection, allowing an unique path to comply with these obligations:

Apply technical and organizational appropriate measures to assure a level of protection according to the risk.

Which are the adequate security measures? It is not necessary to invest in developing a personalized framework. It is enough if you apply our general framework which is, by the way, based on national and international best practices.

Assure and be able to show that data treatments are compliant with the GDPR

Rating and getting the corresponding cybersecurity label allow to show that effective security measures have been implemented, as this means that they have been audited and checked by an independent third party.

Require your vendors (data processors) to be compliant with your own security measures

How to supervise your vendors without becoming the auditor of your vendors? The rating requirement of third party services assures that these services have been audited by the Agency. Besides, it allows the vendors to show to all their clients the level of security applied to their services.

To know more how security rating can help you to be compliant with GDPR, please contact us.

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