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Client Service Score Registration number Actions
International Business Machines, S.A. (IBM) Global Cloud Europe AAA ES007100101352184
DXC Technology Spain, S.A. Networs and systems management and operations En renovación Sin asignar
Rural Servicios Informáticos, S.L. Servicio a Socios AAA+/C4V ES000100105340689
Unisys, S.L. Soporte y mantenimiento de aplicaciones sobre entorno del cliente BBB ES004100103332783
Secure and IT Proyectos, S.L. Information systems that support the services of Architecture, Systems and Processes used in the Management of Information, Security and Telecommunications Systems for Customers of the Secure & View Service ENS MEDIA ES005900141395978
Internet Security Auditors, S.L. Managed Security services with remote and in-situ support, specialized in PCI-DSS BBB ES008200101329334
Sistemas Informáticos Abiertos, S.A. Managed Services BBC ES002100103347821
Accenture, S.L. Mantenimiento de aplicaciones sobre entorno de cliente En proceso Sin asignar
Aiuken Solutions, S.L. AntiDDoS en Cloud BBB ES000200304329491
Sapim, S.A. Application support and maintenance with client supplied virtual desktop access CCC ES003900102332723
Informática El Corte Inglés, S.A. Information systems and application support and maintenance with access by virtualization systems DDD ES000600202348812
Viewnext, S.A. Cybersecurity consulting services BBB ES009300201339771
Eulen Seguridad S.A. Cybersecurity consultancy and support services AAA ES003000201332326
Techedge España, S.L. Application support and maintenance with customer environment DDD ES004700102338988
SUEZ Spain, SL Security monitoring of water supply infrastructures, performed by Oylo Trust Engineering AAA/+C4V ES001700102335258
CyberSOC EMEA Center, S.L. (Deloitte) VIGILANT: Advanced threat readiness and preparation, Cyber risk analytics, Security operations center (SOC), Threat intelligence and analysis Calificación privada ES007500301332796
Informática El Corte Inglés, S.A. ICT maintenance, including support and recycling of physical IT devices, provided on-site and remotely via virtual desktop DDD ES000600102348893
Lefebvre-El Derecho S.A. Information systems that support Lexon and Sentinel services En proceso Sin asignar
Aiuken Solutions, S.L. Servicios de Seguridad Gestionada (MSS) AAB ES000200104329459
CyberSOC EMEA Center, S.L. (Deloitte) Cyber Resilient services: Cyber incident response & Cyber Wargaming Calificación privada ES007500401332715
BT Global Services España, S.A.U. Information systems supporting BT Private Compute cloud services ENS MEDIA ES000300141312838
Rural Servicios Informáticos, S.L. Servicios a Clientes AAA+/C4V ES000100205340608
Eulen Seguridad S.A. Information Systems that support the Intelligence Unit services ENS MEDIA ES003000141326283
SUEZ Spain, SL Information Systems that support the security monitoring from Integral Security Operations Center (SOC360) ENS MEDIA ES001700141372520
Viewnext, S.A. Managed Security Services with QRADAR, APPSCAN and NESSUS platforms BBB ES009300101339755
PricewaterhouseCoopers Asesores de Negocios, S.L. Consulting and support services with on-site resources Calificación privada ES004800102339371
Cybersec Culture & Awareness S.L. (Oylo) Information Systems that suppooirt security monitoring from the Integral Security Operations Center (SOC360) ENS MEDIA ES006300141372581
Sistemas Informáticos Abiertos, S.A. Cybersecurity Excellence Center BBD ES002100203347837
Rural Servicios Informáticos, S.L. Servicios Internos AAA+/C4V ES000100305340624
Redsys Servicios de Procesamiento, S.L. Exchange, Clearing and Settlement services AAA ES004000202329630
Sistemas Informáticos Abiertos, S.A. On site consulting services BBB ES002100303347853
Eulen Seguridad S.A. Intelligence Unit services: Security, strategic, cyber and enterprise intelligence AAA ES003000102326269
InSynergy Consulting España, S.A. OnCustomer, CRM All-in-one SaaS platform AAA ES010100101344177
Cybersec Culture & Awareness S.L. (Oylo) Security monitoring service of water supply infrastructures AAA/+C4V ES006300102335222
Redsys Servicios de Procesamiento, S.L. Detection, prevention and fraud management services AAB ES004000502329678
Aiuken Solutions, S.L. Web Application Firewall WAF (en cloud) BBB ES000200204329475
Stratesys Technology Solutions, S.L. Application development, support and maintenance, with customer provided virtual environment Calificación privada ES004600102341321
Eulen Seguridad S.A. Managed Security Services (MSSP) AAA ES003000301332342
Redsys Servicios de Procesamiento, S.L. Routing, Authorization and Configuration services AAA ES004000102329614
IBM Global Services España, S.A. Planning, design, implementation, delivery and management of infraestructure outsourcing services En proceso Sin asignar
CyberSOC EMEA Center, S.L. (Deloitte) Cyber strategy, transformation, and assessments; Cyber risk management and compliance & Cyber training education and awareness Calificación privada ES007500101332764
R2 Sistemas Informáticos, S.L. Information Systems that support ECM Software Services, Document Management and Workflow (R2Docuo) ENS MEDIA ES010300141394691
Capgemini España, S.L. Applications, platforms and information systems support and maintenance with customer virtualization environment Calificación privada ES001900102331465
DXC Technology Spain, S.A. Managed datacenter services En renovación Sin asignar
Viewnext, S.A. Information systems that support Managed Security and Consultancy services provided by the Securyty Operations Center ENS MEDIA ES009300141341294
Redsys Servicios de Procesamiento, S.L. Financial adquisition services AAA ES004000302329646
CyberSOC EMEA Center, S.L. (Deloitte) SECURE: Infrastructure protection, Vulnerability management, Application protection, Identity and access management (IAM), Information privacy and protection Calificación privada ES007500201332780
Redsys Servicios de Procesamiento, S.L. Invoicing of medical acts services AAA ES004000402329662
International Business Machines, S.A. (IBM) Information systems and services under the referenci IBM Public Cloud ENS ALTA ES007100141388643
INDRA Soluciones Tecnológicas de la Información, S.L. Support and maintenance services for systems and applications, with access to customer systems through virtualization systems BBB ES000700103348279
Infaplic, S.A. Development and service of information systems for tax managment and inspection ENS MEDIA ES005600141339636