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Do you want to know what your level of cybersecurity is in a fast, convenient and reliable way?

E-Qualify by LEET Security is the online service you are looking for. E-Qualify consolidates the main international standards, regulations and best practices and presents them to you in a single questionnaire. Through your answers you will know your cybersecurity level and situation and all the aspects that must be taken into consideration


A complete diagnosis of the cybersecurity capabilities of your services.

An independent online service, capable of measuring the evolution of your cybersecurity level.

An analysis of the cybersecurity areas to improve.

And a report that you can use to respond to the requirements and the different security questionnaires of your customers


  1. Register via the online application and fill out the questionnaire that analyzes all the necessary areas to assess the security level of your services.

  2. The security level that E-Qualify assigns is based on in three criteria: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. To obtain these insights, it’s necessary to answer different questions, designed firstly to learn about your services and the certifications obtained, and secondly to analyze the 14 domains that will ultimately determine your cybersecurity level.

  3. Once the form is complete, you will immediately get a comprehensive rating of your services and the results obtained in each of the 14 domains evaluated, as well as the detail for each section in which they are divided. This analysis provides a clear model to improve the capabilities in cybersecurity.

  4. All aspects analyzed and assessed are classified into 5 levels, ranging from D (basic measures) to A+ (maximum level of security) and correspond to the requirements contained in numerous cybersecurity regulations (ISO Series 27000, National Scheme of Security, Cloud Control Matrix, PCI DSS and NIST 800-53 among others).


There are two levels of the E-Qualify service. With the CORPORATE level you will have a comprehensive vision of the cybersecurity status of your services with respect to your competitors. The PREMIUM level will give you a detailed view and thorough analysis of all the relevant cybersecurity aspects of your services. It will also help you see your status point by point with respect to other companies, allow you to plan a cyber strategy for your business and show your level of security to your customers.



  • 39 questions in which 14 cybersecurity domains are evaluated
  • Comprehensive vision of your corporate cybersecurity status
  • Comparison with the sector average
  • Example of a CORPORATE internal-assessment report
  • Time required to complete the questionnaire: 25 minutes
  • The internal-assessment can be done in several sessions
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  • 343 questions** in which 14 cybersecurity domains are evaluated
  • Comprehensive vision and detail of your security status, regarding both domains and sections
  • Comparison with the rest of the sector, domain by domain
  • Example of a PREMIUM internal-assessment report
  • **Time required to complete the questionnaire: between 5 and 6 hours
  • The internal-assessment can be done in several sessions
  • 3 internal-assessments

*The amount will be deducted if the LEET Security rating is subsequently contracted.

Depending on the selections made in the internal-assessment.

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E-Qualify is based on the rating developed by LEET Security, the most complete and rigorous method in the market to make a real assessment of cybersecurity capabilities. This rating system is recognized by the European Cybersecurity Agency (ENISA) and the National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE).

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