We are certified Pinakes auditors

Whether if you are a financial institution or a service provider,
we can help you.

We are the precursors of the Pinakes service to carry out cybersecurity audits of the financial sector, of which we are also an approved auditor.

LEET Security is the best option to carry out the security audits you need.

Pinakes is the first platform in Europe for cybersecurity risk management in the financial sector.

It began operating in February 2021 thanks to the agreement between LEET Security and CCI (Centro de Cooperación Interbancaria) and it simplifies the mandatory security control process for providers in the financial sector.

And why LEET Security?

Competitive advantage

The LEET Security rating gives you a competitive advantage compared to those companies that do not have it because you can prove your level of cybersecurity to any client.

In any sector.

Savings and efficiency

You will no longer have to go through a security evaluation for each of your clients for the same service. After a single audit you will obtain the LEET Security qualification, a seal that certifies it and the report with which to accredit your security before each and every one of the entities of the Centro de Cooperación Interbancaria (CCI) that operate with Pinakes

And also for the Public Sector

If you want even greater efficiency, with the same audit you can also obtain the ENS certification , required to safely operate within the public sector.

No other company can offer you such a profitable combo package.

And as finantial company

With Pinakes, you will comply with the EU regulations.

The EBA (European Banking Authority) establishes that all those providers of financial institutions in which core functions for the business are outsourced must comply with the cybersecurity requirements established by each client entity.

You will simplify the supplier selection process.

By accessing to the Pinakes platform, you will be able to select, in a simple and efficient way, those suppliers that have the level of security required for each service, and that will be reflected on the platform, from which you can also access detailed reports of the audit carried out and the resulting rating.

At the financial sector, Pinakes is the answer
by means of LEET Security methodology.