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The definition in the dictionary is "score on an exam or any evidence," but in the economic context in which it is being used, which is closer to the service offered by LEET Security, we could understand the qualification as an "indicator of a company's ability to meet its financial obligations (solvency)".

Therefore, the rating of a service would be a relative value that serves as a forecast of of the provider’s expertise and competence in terms of security and resilience.

No. LEET Security rating scheme is focused on services. Although, obviously, there are general issues that are common to all services and that influence in all grades from one vendor.

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Of course, the service offered by LEET Security is to provide ratings to ICT services.

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For these situations, LEET Security offers a free assessment service (What rating should I ask to my supplier?) to help you to know, according to your needs, the minimum rating level that should be required to vendor in order to meet your security needs.

At LEET Security we believe that a global rating for the service is not enough to provide the information needed regarding a service security. Therefore, our rating considers three dimensions: confidentiality, integrity and availability..